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     Are you a Hot or Warm Mix asphalt or aggregate producer? Would you like to cut overhead and reduce cost? Are you struggling to find experienced, qualified, dependable and honest personnel? MacAdam Profile can help!

     MacAdam Profile is a consulting company founded in 2001 by Malcolm S. (Bud) Brassell, Jr. offering a myriad of services, After graduating from college with a degree in business management and a major in economics, Bud entered the asphalt industry in 1989. Bud has used that business management and economic training while working directly for contractors prior to forming MacAdam Profile, LLC. With 20 years of experience in areas such as quality control, materials, equipment purchases, asset acquisitions, estimating, permitting, project management and company management his experience can be put to work in your company today.

     The labor pool in the construction industry is in decline with baby boomers retiring leaving fewer people who are experienced, qualified, dependable and honest to resolve these issues. MacAdam specializes in helping small, medium and large producers who are conservative with their financial resources and are reluctant or struggling to fill specialized positions in their asphalt or aggregate company. MacAdam can help smaller companies by filling the gap between the need for qualified personnel and actually finding that labor in today’s declining labor market. Medium to larger companies can benefit by overhead reduction when outsourcing specialized task such as troubleshooting, quality control, mix designs and project management.  Also, MacAdam can help investors or start-up companies with pro-forma worksheets (breakeven analysis, mix cost, equipment purchase analysis, etc.), equipment purchases, plant location, plant layout and permitting, just to name a few (See services page).

     MacAdam Profile services includes mix production trouble shooting, as quality control has become the predominate issue in the last 20 years. MacAdam has experience with batch and drum plants, specializing in plant calibration, mechanical issues which affect quality, review of mix designs (determine if mix will work) and material quality. MacAdam has the experience and qualifications to address any problems that could arise.

     MacAdam Profile has a fully equipped mix design lab with the ability to design Marshall, Superpave, Open Grade Friction Coarse and Stone Matrix mixes. Outsourcing mix designs have helped clients who face time restraints with mix designs, lack experience with mix design or just want to outsource their mixes to avoid the purchase and maintenance of costly equipment and labor.  Also, MacAdam provides forensic testing on in-place mixes and detailed reports on mix properties. MacAdam can sample mix on site or samples can be shipped directly to lab for processing.

     MacAdam Profile has project management experience from plant production of mixes to mix placement on DOT, FAA and private projects. Also, MacAdam can handle project administrative issues such as preconstruction conferences, subcontracts /subcontractors, DBE and DOT submittals. In addition to these management services MacAdam Profile can provide transitional management to companies who may need leadership for a short period of time

     MacAdam Profile provides profiling on asphalt and concrete paving and has available for rent, equipment such as profilographs and portable labs for roadway compaction. In addition to above equipment MacAdam would consider providing a fully equipped plant lab for producers who can not justify funding an expensive asphalt lab. MacAdam will consider lab approval or personnel approval in any state in order to provide this service.

     I invited you to look through this website and get a more detailed view of the services available. Also, I would encourage owners to think outside the box and consider how outsourcing can reduce overhead and headaches. Please call for availability and pricing. To contact MacAdam personnel see contact page for email and phone numbers.

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